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Providing new and bespoke solutions for our clients is something the Staging Services team prides itself on.

To do so, we constantly combine emerging technology with practicality to provide an answer to any situation we are asked to support.

We were recently called on to do just that through the introduction of our new Terra-Firma flooring product. Terra-Firma is a genuinely innovative proprietary flooring system made from recycled polypropylene. The opportunity to use it came when we were asked to support Coventry’s year-long reign as the UK City of Culture, and we were proud to have the chance to help project the city onto the world stage over the next 12 months.

This was our first chance to use the Terra-Firma product, and both us (and our client!) were delighted with the results. Our work for the City of Culture project was wide and disparate. In essence, we provided a range of solutions to support people taking a tour of the London Road Cemetery, which for almost 200 years has provided the people of the city with a backdrop of handsome buildings in stunning parkland.

Visitors to the tour enjoyed indoor and outdoor attractions. We used Terra-Firma flooring to give people access from the cemetery paths to the non-conformist chapel, as well as access and egress into a presentation area, which due to a challenging incline, we also installed a handrail in the centre of the walkway. Terra-Firma is an ideal outdoor walkway solution, being a loose-lay system, which quickly latches into place and can be hinged in all directions. Tiles are clipped together as required, meaning they easily fit around obstacles and uneven surfaces, following the contours of any site.

Being perforated and slip-resistant means they are ideal whatever the environment and weather conditions, and meant we were able to quickly and efficiently install a number of walkways to outdoor exhibits at the cemetery.

We also provided a two-way entrance tunnel into the tour through the carriage entrance, which involved installing a dividing wall and heavy, black, serge drapes to both reduce the internal light level and road noise.

Inside the tour, which runs until August 16, we installed a pitch-black box and projection walls into the Obscura exhibition. Obscura is a natural optical phenomenon where an inverted and reversed image is displayed through a pinhole. The walls and blackout we installed ensured the maximum stunning effects for visitors.

Inside the non-conformist chapel, we also built a quad truss system to support a 7m x 5m portrait large projection screen, as well as blacking out the building and finishing the installation of the flooring.

As a business at the heart of the UK, we understand what it means for Coventry to be selected as the UK City of Culture for 2021. We wish the city every success as the UK’s focal point for culture this year, and are delighted to have played a small part in its celebrations. If you’d like to talk to us about Terra-Firma, or any of our other services, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please contact our office on 01922 405111 or email

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