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LED Furniture, Ambient Décor & Candles

If you are looking to create an event space with a difference, then our bespoke LED products will definitely add the wow factor to any event! All the LED products are versatile, wireless and can be placed anywhere around your venue with full DMX512 compatibility. 

They are for any corporate event, banquet and or wedding. You can even match up your LED colours with your company logo or event or wedding colour scheme!


Inside each product is a rechargeable lithium battery which will last for 48 hours from fully charged. We can program the products to switch themselves on at the start of your event to the end of your event and switch themselves off. We can program them with various series of colour sequences, dependent on the event and its colour scheme.  As mentioned above they can be plugged into any DMX lighting desk and then your AV sound and lighting technicians can control all the lights for the event with the switch of a button. What better way to make a real statement than with LED furniture such as this?

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Light Up Your Event

Get ready to light up your event with our amazing LED Furniture and Candles! With DMX control, you can easily create the perfect ambiance for your guests. And the best part? Our LED Furniture and Candles are fully customizable in colors, so you can match them to your event's theme. Whether you want to hire them for install or dry hire, our LED Furniture and Candles are the perfect addition to make your event unforgettable!

LED Furniture & Décor 

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