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Carols at the Castle - 25 Years Of Stage Hire

For 25 years, we have been servicing the hire and install of a 10m x 7.5m canopy stage at Warwick Castle for their annual Carols at the Castle Christmas event, taking place every December.

To complete the festival stage, the build includes hire of various equipment including Modular Stage Decks (hexa-grip for outdoor use), Modular Treads for the stairs to stage height, PA wings, Water Ballast to secure the stage, Canopy for the Roof, Choral Risers, Balustrade, Trussing, Rigging and Lighting.

Throughout the years, we have installed in various locations around Warwick Castle, we have now gone full circle around the venue to cater for their ever growing event attendees. 25 years ago beginning with the Courtyard area, later moved across to the Pageant Field, then over to the Main Entrance and recently back to the Courtyard.

Each year, Warwick Castle attracts approximately 3500 - 4000 guests for the annual Carols at the Castle event, with families and friends meeting to begin their Christas Festivities. With a full night of entertainment every year, in attendance are the Royal Bath Brass Band, consisting of over 20 members, plus an adult and junior choir of over 60 members per choir! Its a magnificent Christmas event to get the family in the festive spirit, loved by all ages.

The event takes place on the Saturday evening between approx. 6:30pm - 9:00pm.

Friday Pre-Event The Build Begins

The first part of the install consists of the 10m x 7.5 Festival Stage on the Friday morning allowing for a full day set up and install. This includes building the stage, roof canopy and PA wings. We have a full install crew onsite to ensure the stage is built in a timely manner, with the huge amount of equipment arriving in a fleet of 2 x 7.5ton trucks and 2 x 3.5t vans.

Saturday Morning - Technical Installation

Once the main stage, canopy and PA wings are all built and safe onsite. We return on Saturday morning to finalise and install of any technical lighting and sound requirements, working alongside Urban Audio Productions.

De-Rig Monday Morning

Once the event is complete, we return early on Monday morning to start the de-rig process, safely removing all staging from the site, ready for their daily visitors.


If you have an event lined up with stage hire requirements, please get in touch with our Project Management team who can assist with a bespoke quote to cater for your staging hire. Our modular staging system is fully bespoke and height adjustable, whatever your event or requirement, we have both the experience and the resources to deliver across all event sectors around the UK.

Contact our team for your stage hire quote :-

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