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Choose Your Weapon...

If given the chance, which one of these four-wheeled legends would you take out for a spin?

Personally, mine would be the Lotus 79. An F1 classic from the late 70’s. The first F1 car to take full advantage of ground effects aerodynamics. For me, it displayed the iconic colours of F1 through my early years.

Over the weekend we had the great pleasure of Supporting Solutions 2 and working with over twenty of the world’s most iconic and priceless sports cars on the 70 YEARS OF AUTOSPORT stand, for the annual Autosport show at Birmingham NEC.

Now, I could easily sit here and rant on about how great our staging system is - and how it is ideal for creating beautiful car plinths - but on this occasion our fabulous car plinths were utterly overshadowed by the mastery and craftsmanship that was display upon them.

From 1950’s Le Mans legends; the Jaguar C-type and the Maserati 250F, a Porsche 917 once owned by Steve McQueen, to the breath-taking Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid. Driven by now six-time champion Lewis Hamilton.

Jaguar C -Type on Car Plinth

We love Autosport at the NEC and we especially love sticking priceless cars on raised plinths. Although an aesthetically simple looking job, getting a race car on a plinth via a ramp system, with less than 50mm ground clearance, is no mean feat.

However, this is a job we’ll all remember. More of the same please!

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