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In at the deep end - and very cold!

We’d welcome your support for our colleague Richard. On August 31st 2019 Richard is swimming 5.25 miles (end-to-end) in the extremely chilly waters of Lake Coniston to show support for Men's Mental Health. Any money raised from the swim will go to ‘Mind’ - The Mental Health Charity.

Above: Lake Consiton and Richard training at Dosthill Quary - Leicestershire.

For this challenge Richard has already shifted 2 stone in weight and is currently averaging 17,000 meters (10.5 mile) in the pool each week. We understand that not everyone is able to donate money so you can simply show your support by sharing his story with others and by keeping a lookout for friends or family members that could be living miserably – and be there to support them. Please read Richard’s full story and get behind this mega challenge… you can follow his epic story here. You can Donate on the JustGiving Page

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