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Taste of America

We were in Heathrow, London this week injecting a little American culture in the Sheraton Skyline Hotel for the Marriott International Hotels themed Retro Night.

With the help of our American Diner props and our Black & White dance floor, guests were treated to a taste of America.

Our client, Marriott International Hotels, were thrilled with the detail, the likeness of our props and were more than impressed with our room layout.

Emma Langley Singh - Assistant to Belinda Pote, Europe Marriott International Ltd had the following to say;

“Staging Services have been a pleasure to work with from the initial enquiry, to their detailed planning process and through to completing the set up for our event. Our evening was a great success with the retro diner set up looking even better than expected. The onsite crew worked extremely efficiently and professionally given the tight time frame they had to work with on the day and whilst making sure everything was completed perfectly. I would not hesitate to recommend or to use their impressive services in the future.”

If you fancy your own taste of American, then Staging Services are here to help create that truly authentic American Diner experience.

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