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Staging Services Causes Major Blackout!

Last month Staging Services were responsible for the complete blackout at a number of clients’ events. Following a number of clients reports Staging Services finally claimed full responsibility for the blackouts; claiming that ‘the total blackouts occurred following a major investment in new Pipe & Drape equipment’. For one client a total of 100meters of pipe and drape lead to the total blackout of the Silverstone Wing.

No formal apology has yet been forwarded by Staging Services; however a spokesperson for the events facilities provider wanted to assure their clients that they will do their utmost best to ensure that delegates aren’t subject to unwanted light or ugly, exposed, area’s – adding that ‘thanks to the blackout we were in fact able to do this’.

For more information about blackouts in your area please contact Staging Services on +44 (0)1922 405 111 for more information.

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