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Giving Aurum the golden touch.

Arctic trucks are all back safe and being unloaded following the successful delivery of a two day conference and prestigious awards event for Aurum holdings.

Aurum has a retail portfolio that goes back over 240 years and is the largest prestige luxury jewellers and timepieces specialist in the UK. Aurum are also the largest distributor in the world of luxury brands including Omega, TAG Heuer and Gucci. It is also the UK's largest distributor for Rolex, Cartier and Breitling.

The two day event saw Staging Services build a swanky stage and set for the Aurum’ s prestigious awards ceremony and banquet at Manchester Lowry Hotel; whist Manchester Central Convention Centre played host to our glitzy conference stage and set. The set consisted of star cloth, staging, striking set panels and was coupled with tiered seating and our infamous LED balustrade system for 260 delegates.

Over the two days Staging Services provided and delivered full AV production to both venues and had to swiftly de-rig the tiered seating and glass balustrade to provide various room set ups. A large space alongside the main conference arena was converted into a giant dining area for delegates using Blackout Drape and giant chandeliers.

‘Staging Services is delighted to be continuingly working with Aurum Holdings. The successful delivery of Aurum’ s two-tiered event demonstrates that Staging Services continues to go from strength to strength; creating big footprint in the conferencing and convention’s market place’.

Richard Langford

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