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It’s all change ahead… a new year and a new direction for Staging Services.

With the help of great clients and suppliers Staging Services experienced a remarkable 2016 and it was certainly one to remember. In 2016 we provided stage and set for some pretty cool conferences, conventions and exhibitions. Our stages were graced by a variety of world leaders, film stars and even the Queen.

So as we say goodbye to 2016 it’s onwards and upwards as we continue to raise the level in 2017 - but as we do you’ll probably notice a few great changes to way that we do things around here…

You’ll Notice Our New Branding:

Revitalised ‘Staging Services’ communication strategy, including our corporate identity, now adopts a fresher, more up-to-date look and feel that better underpins our brand values and makes us more recognisable when we’re out and about. You’ll see this on our clothes, on our vehicles and in our day to day communication.

Say Goodbye to ‘Super Stage’ and say Hello to ‘Event-Deck’:

We’ve established a new name and developed a fitting brand identity for our modular staging system, which we now call Event-Deck. Event-Deck is a registered trademark of Staging Services, endorsed by the ‘Made in Britain’ Campaign. We believe this to be a much stronger and more sustainable brand proposition for our core staging product, ensuring it becomes more identifiable as a leading staging solution within the events industry.

Re-vamped Website:

We’ve launched a fresher and slicker ‘Staging Services’ website with easier navigation and a comprehensive guide to our products and services. Whilst the website displays our fresh branding it also demonstrates the full scope of our work, offering a real insight into the type of client projects that we work on.

Better Logistics:

We’ve added new vehicles to our fleet giving us an even wider reach across the UK. Our new 7.5t vehicles are emission zone friendly making us competitive in London and cities where carbon emission zones apply.

Themes & Props:

We noticed an increase in demand for themed events in 2016. So in line with this trend our creative team is busy strengthening our themes and props services with better props and with the introduction of some new themes. Our latest addition to the theme family, The Great Gatsby, has proved to be a massive hit already with more than four major events booked out since November 2016.

New Pricing Structure:

We’re satisfied to say that we’ve not needed to increase equipment hire prices for twenty years; however, with rapidly rising business costs we finally had to cave in and apply a small price increase to our equipment costs. Although it may not sound like a ‘great change’ we’re confident that this won’t have a detrimental effect on your bottom line and we believe that Staging Services still stands for great value.

Along with this price increase is the desire for us to work even harder on your behalf to make your events a success - continuing to provide a quality service with both passion and integrity. All of the new prices can be found on our shiny new website.

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