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Staging Hire

We manufacture the Event-Deck staging system for both hire and purchase, which means that you've in the right place for podiums, stage extensions, a fashion catwalk, a festival stage, an exhibition platform or a multi-tiered stage and stage set for an international convention.

Staging Services


Modular Stage Event-Deck

Event-Deck is available in a range of modular shapes, simple to construct with a unique locking system to ensure no step between modules and fully de-mountable. It is compact for transporting at 83mm thick and is height adjustable between 150mm and 3m. You can add various accessories and can be used for indoor and outdoor events. 


Essential Accessories

All of our stage legs are manufactured from BS 1138 aluminium scaffold grade tube which is readily available nationwide. All stage legs are fitted with non-marking plastic end caps to protect venue floors.

Stage Heights vary from 150mm up to 3m in 150mm increments, i.e 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm etc. 


Project Management

With many years of industry experience behind us we know that there are no ‘short cuts’. Meticulous planning is essential to the success of our involvement and ultimately to the success of your event. Our projects team is experienced in supporting events right across the industry, from conferences to fashion shows. Our service starts by fully understanding the client's brief.

Modular Event-Deck Sizes

Stage Design Options

Festival Stages

Our outdoor covered stages are modular and totally height adjustable. They can be designed and constructed to work with the existing site conditions.


No heavy plant is required for the stage construction so there’s very little displacement of the site, which means that we can construct stages on sensitive locations – in ornamental water fountains, on National Trust properties, or on sports fields.​

Outdoor Stages

Having to work alongside nature is a greater challenge than working in the calm indoors. Despite this, we’ve been providing general staging, covered festival stages, viewing platforms, access rampstiered seating and display plinths for many years without being swept away!    

To combat the rigors of the great outdoors Event-Deck our modular staging system is provided with a specialist, black ‘Hexa Grip’ ply surface, which has good water resistant, anti-slip characteristics.

Curved/Circular Stages

At Staging Services we’ve developed what we’ve aptly called ‘Flexistage', an extrusion that offers the flexibility to build any shaped stage or platform that you dare to imagine. It also allows stage builders to work around sensitive locations and sometimes hard to fill spaces. By using a combination of Event-Deck modules and Flexi-Stage, we can easily create bespoke curved stages and circular stages.

If you have a forthcoming event for which you require a complex or bespoke stage shape then please call us to discuss your thoughts further.


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