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Virtual or Hybrid Conferences? No problem…

Hybrid Audience View
Hybrid Audience View

Having previously provided ‘traditional’ conferences for a global, retail chain client, we had a request from them this month to provide a hybrid conference. However, due to late changes to the Covid restrictions the project changed overnight into a virtual conference.

The project content was for an important, internal senior management meeting with the added twist that the majority of attendees would be remote. We were able to provide a virtual set up comprising of four 65” displays for the speakers in the room, three 42” displays to form the ‘studio’ displaying [current slide, up-coming slide, countdown clock and camera] audio, lectern, black out drapes on a ground support system for re-shaping the office space and all of the necessary technical wizardry.

Microsoft Teams was the client’s choice to be used as the main platform with the event being staged at the client’s offices. Both the tech and the production aspect of the event was managed exclusively on-site to ensure the smooth transition between presenters in the room and presenters who were located remotely.

Having experienced the limitations of Teams going forward, we are now looking at an improved platform which provides for much better functionality.

If you’re thinking of running an event of this type and debating the pro’s and con’s do not hesitate to get in touch and find out how we can possibly help you.

We very much look forward to the possibility of working with you.


For more information, please contact the office on 01922 405 111 or email

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