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Changing Retail Space

September 2020 saw Staging Services helping to transform a Poundland retail space into a dynamic sports emporium on behalf of Yum Yum World Rugby. As part of the transformation, there was a requirement to permanently install black, serge drapes which could be manually opened and closed as required to create a darkened space for playing ultra-violet, short tennis and to prevent the soft balls from leaving the courts.

Following an initial site survey two drape suspension methods were specified. Between the series of concrete columns tensioned steel catenary rope was specified and over the entrance to the courts a Triple E 2-way drape track. The catenaries were held in position with M10 anchor bolts secured into the concrete columns and tensioned with bottle adjusters. The tab rack was suspended below an existing conduit.

The use of the black, serge wool drapes dramatically reduced the ambient light levels on the courts so that the Ultra-violet lighting was extremely effective.

Our client commented ‘the work carried out was fantastic and it was great working with Staging Services. When we’re planning the next one, I’ll be straight on the phone’.


Ground Support and Black, Serge Drape Hire

Should you wish to hire our black wool serge drapes your in luck as during lockdown, we’ve been busy refurbing and expanding our stock of drapes, ground support systems and rigging. The equipment is proving to be very flexible for temporarily re-shaping venues to accommodate smaller and sectionalised changing areas and event spaces.

All our drapes are modular and Velcro connectable and therefore, we’re able to create any drop and width required. Further, our drapes also now feature our new ‘wrap over’ suspension which can be used with ground support systems. With no, ties to tie, or clips to fit, installation and removal is both extremely quick and easy. What’s more, the top finish is very flat and tidy.

If you do require any further information, we’re pleased to link our product sheets below which will explain the above further. Of course, if you want to discuss a project directly then our office is open.


For more information, please contact the office on 01922 405 111 or email

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