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Despite the escalating Coronavirus concerns, it’s business as usual for Event-Deck - and whilst it’s a case of ‘tools down’ for some areas of our business, and for the industry as a whole, it’s definitely ‘tools up’ for Event-Deck.

With the recent installation of new state-of-the-art cutting and drilling machinery, means that the turn-around time in manufacturing our popular staging system has been cut in half.


As a result, we are in a position to pass on competitive savings to our customers - and discounts are now available for sales orders made during April & May 2020. Order now, pay later.

Orders are currently flying out in half the time –with a greater ownership over the quality. So, each Event-Deck module that leaves the warehouse, does so meeting the highest, British, standards possible. The Event-Deck system is an incredibly versatile, modular, staging system -making it one of the most popular staging solutions in the UK! See our Event-Deck system in use at Symphony Hall Birmingham ; transforming it from world beating concert hall into an opulent banqueting space.


For information on orders please contact us directly +44 (0)1922 505111 - or visit

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