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Mother nature is certainly putting the GUST into AUGUST this month, as the UK continues to be battered by strong winds and heavy rain - and typically, many of our jobs throughout August have been outdoor stages and canopies!

Our brave crew have been out there, come wind, rain, or shine, braving the elements to ensure that each stage canopy is safely erected to high standards and able to sustain the challenging weather.


August kicked off with the Happy Place Festival, a brand-new health & wellbeing festival held at Chiswick House. In addition to a full festival production delivery, our bespoke canopy, sporting both white and clear panels, took central stage for the Happy Place Organisers, who opted for something unique - which of course we were more than happy to manufacture.


Meanwhile, our Trilite trussing system was sporting a new roof over at the British Motor Museum for the BMW Car Clubs’ ‘National BMW Car Festival’. Our lightweight, timesaving, structure showed the bad weather who’s boss, allowing both cars and blistering winds to easily pass through, whilst being firmly secured to our robust Even-Deck staging system, that was over-boarded to give it extra strength. Staging Services also provided covered tiered seating to keep the large number of BMW enthusiasts dry…


…And the fun didn’t end there for our crew, or for thousands of Girl Guides who were lucky enough to attend the Megamix Festival at Beaudesert in Staffordshire. A fun-filled festival style camp with bands and a wide range of activities including climbing, archery, crate stacking, and musical activities including live bands and an open-air cinema. Staging Services were asked by SAB Sound & Light to provide a 10 x 7m covered concert stage with PA wings and a backstage enclosure.


They may look like they’re straight out of the film ‘War of The Worlds’, but these strange looking, covered, structures, positioned on the roof of one of the worlds’ oldest surviving castles, are actually projector hides ready to do battle at Warwick Castles’ epic Dragon Slayer attraction – an explosive action and special effects show - the first night attraction created especially for the Castle - boasting real fire, pyrotechnics and giant projections onto the castle walls.

It’s not every day you get to view Warwickshire from the roof of its infamous castle but our crew, whilst displaying a good head for heights, managed to land themselves on the roof (without needing to use one of the castles trebuchet’s) to install three projector hides for the spectacular show.


The August Bank Holiday brought smiles to thousands of visitors at Carfest, Laverstoke Park Farm, which also happened to be our last outdoor outing. For this final instalment we were set the challenge by Mobile Promotions to build a branded 9m x 6m car viewing platform, with double ramp for their client, Mercedes Benz 4X4.

What should have seemingly been a simple build posed nearly as many problems as the UK trying to leave Europe. Crew were tasked with manipulating the structure to accommodate a seriously unlevel ground surface, which resulted in a varying, but level, 450mm -750mm high platform, with a total structure height of 5m - featuring secured, rigid, branding on top that could withstand large gusts, or high winds.

Phew – bring on September! 😂

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