Raising the level.

Using our modular treads it’s possible to create whatever tread flight is required as the modules simply bolt together. To comply with building regulations a landing may be required after nine treads. 

  • Modular treads rise in 150mm increments and are suitable for stage heights from 450mm high.

  • The top tread locks into any Event-Deck module at any position using the accessory channel.

  • Bottom tread modules are complete with height adjustable feet.

  • The demountable handrails simply slide into the pockets on either side of each tread module.

  • An appropriately long top sleeve caps over the handrails to provide a smooth top handrail.    

  • Tread edges are finished with a serrated aluminium nosing to highlight the edge of the tread.

  • Treads are available both as a bright zinc finish and black powder coat.


Product Description:

Modular Treads 

Suggested Use: 

Access to stages & platforms

Dry Hire? Yes

Height: 450 mm - 1350mm

Width: 1m

Depth: 130 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Equipment Cost:

Available 3 day - 1 Week

2 Step: £30.00 - £45.00

3 Step: £47.00 - £71.25

4 Step: £60.00 - £90.00

5 Step: £67.50 - £101.25

6 Step: £85.00 - £127.50

7 Step: £97.50 - £146.25

8 Step: £110.00 - £165.00

9 Step: £122.50 - £183.75



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