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Winter Theming That’s Out of This World

Our friends over at Theming Services seem to be a little spaced out at the moment!

It seems that they needed a bit of #MondayMotivation and decided to turn our warehouse into a mountain range!

This particular 5m high setup featured an abundance of mouldable snow cloth, a 6m high star cloth with suspended graphics (moon, or earth) and then finished off with a range of props from our winter theme collection - including fir trees, frosted fencing, frosted grass and artificial snow.

With a simple switch of props, it was easy for them to convert a dramatic earth-scape into a rather chilly looking moonscape.

The mountains are available to assemble in any shape or size and are designed to dramatically liven up any empty space - the perfect way to turn your inside, out!

+44 (0)1922 405 111 -

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