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A Right Royal Privilege

Welcome to The Crown, a lavish, award-winning, Netflix-original drama that chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times. The series, now about to launch its third season, provides an inside look at the early reign of the queen, who ascended the throne at age 25 after the death of her father, King George VI.

The Crown - Pic courtesy of Netflix

Now enter Staging Services, royally chuffed to have been asked to play a supporting role in the much-anticipated season three of the production earlier this year at Caernarfon Castle. Working closely with the design and production teams Staging Services provided tiered seating for 700 members of the cast - in five individual banks during the enactment filming for the investiture ceremony of the Prince of Wales.

Before & After - The Official Crown Trailer

Whilst the location was a sensitive heritage site, the access/egress route in and out of the castle was even more challenging. Three artic loads of equipment had to be handballed piece by piece through two narrow glass doorways as this was the only route in and and out of the venue. Hats and crowns off to the Showforce Crew who assisted us as not a blade of grass or pain of glass was damaged during the entire two weeks on location.

Fortunately, the weather also played a blinding role - presenting us with glorious clear blue skies on most days! The weather was possibly better than the original event in the summer of 1969.

NETFLIX Behind the scenes - sneaky peak.

The meticulous planning by Nathan in our projects team was both invaluable and very much appreciated by our client.

“A lot of the success goes down to you; the seating was perfect and your service invaluable. I’m glad that those long weeks of planning culminated with the seating being exactly as we expected and looking like how we wanted. As the scenes in the castle will require a great amount of special visual effects added in post-production it is was imperative that the seats were exactly as our drawings so the visual effects producers could prepare their work ahead of filming and set them up for the post production”.

Gwyn Eiddior – Designer The Crown

Look out for the launch of season three on Netflix, Sunday 17th November – and if you can’t wait until then to get your Royal fix then fill your boots here with a sneaky peak behind the scenes of season three, courtesy of Netflix and the BBC.

Want to find out how our tiered seating could help your event - then please feel free to give us a shout on +44 (0)1922 405111

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